Meet Julie

How do you explain who you are, or why you do what you do using words?  I think if you were to look through a photo album of my life, you would see me, my brother and sister standing at the bus stop on our first day of school circa 1987 or sitting on my mother's antique green couch on Christmas morning holding our favorite gift that year.  These pictures would explain more about my life and who I am better than I ever could and I'm grateful that someone was around to take them.  And now, as a photographer, I'm happy to return the favor.  I'm excited to be able to take photos that will someday make it into someone else's family album. 

Some fun facts about me:

  • I have a BA in Photography from Salem State
  • My husband and I welcomed our son, Cian into the world in 2016. Watching him grow and change day after day has been amazing
  • Obsessed with period dramas.  I'm still sad Downton Abbey is over. 
  • I'm a champagne and french fry kind of girl.  
  • Spending a lazy Sunday strolling through an open air antique flea market is my idea of heaven.
  • I love to travel but no matter where I’ve been I always come back to the seasons. New England is my forever home.